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The Massachusetts Rifle Association (MRA) was founded on November 4, 1875 and has been the home to many pioneers and innovators in the area of the shooting sports.  Harry M. Pope, the world famous maker of the precision rifle barrels, E.E. Partridge, the inventor of the sights that bear his name and the author Corbin Gould who, in 1885, published "The Rifle", the forerunner to the NRA's "The Rifleman"  all were early members of the MRA who used the club's facilities to put their theories on shooting to the test.

From 1875, with thirty members and horse drawn carriages bringing shooting enthusiasts and Civil War veterans, to the over 1,000 Members that the MRA has today, we have promoted the safety, education, discipline and yes, the fun that can be had while enjoying the shooting sports.

We welcome new shooters as well as "old hands" as members and offer 24 hour card key access to our two indoor ranges (50 and 87 feet) as well as the availability of several outdoor ranges including: a 100 and 200 yard rifle range; a 50 yard rifle/pistol range;  30 foot pistol range; trap field; sporting clays field and archery range.  Our members have gone to the National Matches and many participate on our rifle and pistol teams (beginners welcome and mentoring available at no extra cost) and in various levels of competition.  We also have a very active junior's program to teach young adults the shooting disciplines in a safe and educational environment.

Our welcome to you today is as cordial as that extended by our founders over 125 years ago.  Please feel free to visit us on the web or stop by our offices on Sunday mornings from 9am to 12 noon or Wednesday evenings from 6pm to 8pm where one of our volunteers will be happy to give you a tour.

The future of the Massachusetts Rifle Association...

Will it include YOU?




National Rifle Association | NRA-ILA News
  • NRA's Top Lobbyist Visits Maine To Campaign Against Maine Ballot Measure
    The National Rifle Association’s top lobbyist was in Portland to talk up the gun rights agenda — and talk down an initiative on the November ballot that would stiffen background checks for gun purchases in Maine. The NRA’s Chris Cox condemned backers of the ballot measure as elitists who want to do away with the Second Amendment and other rights too.
  • NRA official urges Mainers to reject background checks on gun sales
    The director of the National Rifle Association’s Institute for Legislative Action on Wednesday urged Mainers to protect their personal freedom from the influence of out-of-state elitists by rejecting a referendum question on background checks for gun sales in November. Chris Cox, the executive director of the political and lobbying arm of the NRA, spoke at the Maine Heritage Policy Center’s 2016 Freedom and Opportunity Luncheon in Portland. Much of his speech focused on Question 3 on the November ballot, the referendum question that would require background checks on gun sales and transfers, but Cox also urged Mainers to continue to fight for liberty on all fronts.

Workday 2016

Sunday April 24,  7:30 AM until 3:30 PM

Breakfast 7:30 AM until 8:30 AM, Lunch as usual

All who attend will be credited with their work time for next year's dues. If you can, bring a wheelbarrow, or leaf blower as well as your work gloves. Remember you must sign in and out for work credit.

All Ranges Closed Sunday until 7:00 AM Monday

See you Sunday